About The Pilot

The pilots riding experience dates back to 1986 when he received a Honda XR80 for Christmas from his father when he was 9. Not known at that time it would spark a long-term love affair with motorcycles. He grew up riding that bike in the Ridgecrest area and moved onto larger bikes through the years exploring further and further into the vast deserts known as the Mojave. He took a hiatus from riding dirt bikes when he enlisted in the Navy but, his interest in two wheeled machines remained.  While stationed in San Diego he took to riding sport bikes and eventually started track riding and racing at Willow Springs Raceway ”Fastest Road In The West” located in Rosamond CA. These bikes ranged from ZX6R’s to GSXR1000’s.

After relocating back to the Ridgecrest area, he took to riding dirt bikes again. In late 2006 he purchased a CRF450X and that reignited his passion for riding dirt again. Continuing to explore, he fell into the dual sport/adventure segment of the industry. Seeing that is would offer more exploration, longer routes, he jumped in and purchased a used plated XR650R to do the longer routes. In 2008, he signed up for his first dual sport event the prestigious LA Barstow To Vegas hosted by District 37. Spanning two states and over 500 miles he was captivated by what could be accomplished.

In 2009, he purchased a KTM 530EXC, very capable and plated from the factory it offered him much more opportunity to explore and ride. While continuing to ride dual sport events hosted by various groups he continued exploring the deserts he rode in as a child. He began to set destinations by simply finding geocaches hidden around the area all while becoming more familiar with the use of GPS units and routing.

Fast forward to 2011, after ridden the route several times previously he volunteered to help with course layout for the LA Barstow To Vegas ride, they gave him several hard route sections to ride outside of the Barstow area to proof and check the preliminary roll chart and GPS route. The following year 2012, he was requested to ribbon and proof day 2 of the infamous route. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, he ended up proofing both day 1 and day 2 all 500 plus miles, alone. Riding big miles proofing, ribboning, planning option loops, providing roll chart edits has earned him the nickname of “The Animal” by the AMA District 37 Dual Sport committee. He has solely done this work for the LA Barstow To Vegas ride since 2011. Looking to build on his years of experience in 2012 he completed the “Hardcore” building champions Dirtwise academy course hosted by Shane Watts. While he continues to handle these duties for District 37, he rides for personal pleasure throughout the vast Mojave seeking out sites such as old mining towns/claims, petroglyphs, plane crash sites, and historical places while creating routes offering challenging terrain.

He is fully immersed into the dirt bike segment known as dual sport/adventure and looks to put the “sport” back into it!

-Putting the “sport” back into dual sport, adventure awaits……..