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Fasst Company Impact Pegs

“A Footpeg With A Proven Purpose”

Product Overview:

Every rider who has logged some big miles in the saddle have experienced some discomfort from the modern off-road bikes. Whether this its handlebar height, suspension settings, seat comfort, tire compounds, and yes even OEM footpegs. Let’s face it these bikes while great out of the box still requires some rider specific “tweaks” that will allow a rider to be more comfortable while enjoying all our sport has to offer and allow us to push these machines harder. This niche is where the team from Fasst Company steps in. Looking to offer products designed to smooth out the overall ride of these machines where it matters most at the rider contact points on the bike. These contact points are the hands and the feet. In this product review, we will focus on the feet and their primary contact point the footpeg and the Fasst Company Impact Peg offering.

Fasst Company designed this peg to reduce the amount of vibration and impact felt from the pegs to the foot and ankle. No Limit Dual Sport purchased these pegs to reduce the vibration from the pegs on our 2015 KTM 500EXC. The key points we were looking for was an OEM type feel that would add more comfort without sacrificing or even improving the durability of the peg. It would have to stand up to the harsh Mojave Desert which is a true test for any off-road product.

Initial Impressions:

Upon receipt of the pegs during the unboxing, the first takeaway we had was the lightweight feel of the peg as well as its refined look. These are constructed from T6 Aluminum for both the cleat and base while having the elastomer “sandwiched” between them. The elastomer is what absorbs all the vibrations and impacts. During purchase, the color of the elastomer can be selected either blue, red, or orange. The pegs ship with a few Fasst Company stickers, new cotter pins to be used during the install.

Let us break this peg down vs the OEM equivalent that was stock on the 2015 500EXC before the install. A key point for us was an OEM feel and design. Sizing these pegs up next to the OEM shows the Impact Peg to be 10MM wider and about 4MM shorter than OEM and weighing in at 7OZ which is the same as the OEM peg. A wider foot platform is always a plus and matching OEM weight with additional features over OEM is just off the charts. Let’s move on to the installation and get these pegs onto the bike.


These pegs do not ship with any installation instructions however the install is straightforward. The crew at Fasst Company provides new cotter pins which should be used during the install. To help those purchasers out who may not know how to install the pegs we created an install video which can be found here. While the install is straightforward it does require a bit of patience to get the return spring and pin installed correctly. We hope the video that is in the link above will help with that. All in the install took us about 20 minutes.

Real World Performance:

The crew at Fasst Company make several claims about this peg:

“Absorbs Vibration & Abuse”, “Exceptional Traction”

We have logged about 500 miles on these pegs since the install. On the first ride, we instantly noticed the sheer amount of grip these pegs offer to sum it up in one word “Tenacious”. No matter how many ruts, rocks, or whoop sections we rode our feet stayed planted on the peg. Its safe to say that the “Exceptional Traction” claim is an absolute fact. The amount of grip the peg provides can even be tailored by utilizing taller and shorted studs available from Fasst Company hows that for customization?  Speaking of ruts, and rocks how did the pegs stand up to the “Absorbs Vibration & Abuse” claim? Another fact. Not only is the jarring effect minimized so is the bikes engine vibration which is one of the main reasons we wanted an elastomer constructed peg. While out riding some 100+ miles loops we never noticed the pegs were there, which is a plus when smashing through whoops and rock gardens. In fact, we even got hung up on some rock drop offs and had the entire bike supported by just the pegs a testament to the strength of the T6 construction.

Wrap Up

In a market flooded with a plethora of “products” its hard to differentiate what will work for the more sporting type of dual sport rider versus what is just hype. There is always a lot of focus on making these bikes have more power, more bling, and while these have their place in the market there are companies providing solutions for rider comfort and Fasst Company is one of the premier providers in that category with their pegs and bars.  We think that these pegs offer just that, more comfort and more bike control due to its wider platform over OEM.

While these pegs come at a price and the install can require a bit of patience they are worth the price of admission. If you are a rider who is looking for more comfort, control, and confidence when the routes get tough get in touch with the Fasst Company crew and get your hands….. (err feet) on a set of Impact Pegs. For us here at No Limit Dual Sport we will continue punishing the Mojave Desert landscape without punishing our bodies with these Fasst Company Impact Pegs mounted up to the machines.




Highs & Lows

  • Lightweight (7oz’s per peg)
  • Customization
  • OEM Feel
  • Loads Of Grip
  • Function As Described
  • Price (Although Cheaper Than Direct Competitor)
  • Can Be Tricky To Install

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